Friday, November 21, 2014

When It's Difficult

I'm going to be a bit vulnerable in this post and admit that I've been having a tough time lately. Many days I've woken up feeling stressed, aggrivated, or motivationless. Those feelings carry throughout my day making me cranky, demotivated, or apathetic. Yesterday I had a great morning. I got up early, received good news, and had a productive morning working on projects I care about.  But later in the afternoon I started to feel rushed, then stressed, then cranky, and finally demotivated again.

What gives?

There is no one thing. There are lots of things, some big and some small. And right now I'm figuring out how to cope with my stressors. Watching six hours of TV helps me escape, but once I'm done (or even while I'm watching TV) I talk to myself really negatively about the fact that I've chosen such an insubstantial coping mechanism.

I'm not going to magicaly figure out how to accept the stress of the job search, mounting paper deadlines, and everything else so I'm reminding my self to knock it off with the negative self-talk and remember I'm not just trying...I'm doing it

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This Week's Intention: Find Beauty

I've had a few posts in draft mode for a while (oops), but I haven't been skipping intentions so I'll be rolling out the back logged posts over the new few weeks. Here's one I started three weeks ago.

This has been the easiest intention. My goal for the week was to take time to notice the beauty around me.

So I've been spending a few extra minutes each day looking at the light streaming into my living room in the morning, doodling in a notebook, and taking photos of the leaves changing colors on the trees.

There is beauty everywhere on this campus and it's been nice to take the time to notice it!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More Happy Days

I missed a few days of the #100HappyDays challenge, but I'm still going. These photos are from days 13-25. One thing I've noticed is that there needs to be more people in my pictures.

Monday, October 27, 2014

This Week's Intention: Faith

Midterms and a lot of papers have thrown me off my blog posting game.  However, I'm back with an update about weekly intentions.

Two weeks ago, I was going to focus on Faith. I read the chapter in Just One Thing, absorbed some of the practices, and started to write a blog post. But I never finished the post even though I've continued to think about faith off an on for two weeks now.
"Faith: a sense of trusting in something"
 This intention isn't about religious faith, it's a look at a more general faith in the universe. What do I trust, internally and externally?

I have faith in:
  • The pleasure of drinking a good cup of coffee
  • The healing qualities of being outsides to enjoy nature
  • That choosing a positive attitude feels better than choosing a negative one, regardless of the situation
  • The joy of having and caring for pets
  • That with practice comes greater skill
  • Meditation
I do not have faith in:
  • Irresponsiblity (blogger says I've made this word up, I'm sure you'll understand what I mean by it)
  • Laziness
  • People who won't come through for your
It's easier for me to articulate what I have faith in by identifying what I trust or "know" about the world. And although these lists might seem short I spent several hours considering them.

What I haven't done as frequently is meditate. Here is my check-in progress for the past four weeks:

What this means is that I've checked in and described how I'm feeling before meditating twice in the past four weeks. But it doesn't mean I've only done two meditations.  I've completed 5 minute waking up meditations, or 3 minute falling asleep meditation a few times, but if I don't complete the check-in first it isn't recorded by the Stop, Breathe, & Think app. I also led a gratitude meditation on Friday for my staff group (and spent a few minutes of the meditation thinking about how grateful I am to have a job where we meditate in staff meetings) which wasn't captured.

What was captured is that sad brain figure which means I've been feeling "meh" lately - or at least the times I've checked-in. I'm going to add more gratitude meditations to my week and see if I can't turn that "meh" into a solid "good" or even a "great."