Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Brief Home Improvement Updates

In the past week we focused on spending time with family and moving into our new home, so I don't have a lot of updates on the house.  The estimate for the hardwood floors came in, but that work hasn't started. We did however make several trips to our local big box hardware store. We chose new carpet for upstairs, scheduled the measurements, and received the estimate and are getting ready to schedule the install yet. We also chose new flooring for the kitchen upstairs (which we will be installing) and the entryway. And last, we chose paint colors for upstairs and our living and dining room downstairs. I even had a painting party with a friend and the first coat of paint is already on the walls upstairs.

This week was a lot of planning without fast and dramatic results - like when we removed all the carpet downstairs. It's still exciting. We've really enjoyed choosing how we're going to update our home. And when I'm not painting with a friend I'm painting to the first season of Gilmore Girls which isn't too bad either.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

First Up

We bought a house!!!!

Picture me skipping around the living room chanting, "We--bought--a house. We--bough--a--house!"

Wait, you can't picture the living room? Well it looks like this:

Or at lease it did when we made an offer on the house. Since then the previous owners put an insert into that fireplace (one or the repairs they did prior to the sale). What do we think of this insert?

We'll keep it! That blue carpet though. It isn't quite our style. So after we moved in many of our belongings on Saturday we got to work again on Sunday morning.

And ruthlessly ripped out all of the carpet in the living room, dining room, and hallway (not pictured). Look what was underneath!

Beautiful hardwood floors with a fancy trim that goes all the way around the room. (Not-so-pro tip: socks kept itchy carpet glue from irritating the tops of my feet during demo. Better shoes would have worked too, but who knows what box those are in.)

HB scheduled someone to come out and estimate the cost of refinishing the floors. I'll keep you posted on all our progress. For now we're living in a construction zone AND the only pieces of furniture in the house are the bed, the dining room table, and dining chairs. It's not quite camping, but it is an uinque experience.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A New Era

I have exciting news! So exciting that I'm taking the blog out of hibernation.

We bought a house!

Crazy, right? HB and I started seriously looking at houses last fall while we were both finishing grad school. We found one in the spring that we thought was "the one," but that didn't work out. The first house was a short sale and after several weeks we were feeling a bit too impatient so we started looking again.  In July, we found this house and made an offer.

The attorneys did their thing, the inspectors did their thing, and then progress came screeching to a halt. The house is lovely and old, but there were a few issues preventing the town from giving the house a green light for us to live in it. It took a few weeks to negotiate with the sellers and figure out how to resolve the issues. Then it took a few more weeks for the work to get finished, but finally...

We closed! We spent 17 WEEKS buying this house, but now it's ours to decorate and update. So guess what I'll be blogging about for a bit?

Please wish HB and I luck and patience. This is our first place and the house has already taught us a thing or two.

Monday, June 29, 2015

What's new?

Gratitude graphic from City Farmhouse
You know when you see a friend for the first time in a few months and they ask, "So what have you been up to lately?" Immediately your brain goes blank. There's nothing to say! You mentally scramble for a few quick seconds before finally saying, "Not much really. Work, the usual..."

That is so far from my current life experience. My life is full - and in good ways. I was driving to work this morning and thought to myself, "I am so happy. My life is really amazing right now." That's what I was thinking while driving to work on a Monday morning. Please pause for a second and let that sink in...


My point isn't to gloat, it's to be grateful. While I'm sitting here typing out the blog post I'm mentally reviewing all of the fun things I did/experienced this weekend (looked at a house, celebrated marriage rights, celebrated the marriage of two great friends, took Dad to a baseball game for Father's Day) and it makes me happy all over again.

Let me tell you I am so grateful.

I'm grateful that I've been reading a really good book for book club, that after work I go running (sometimes only once or twice, but I do it), that dinner is made every night, that I only have to be the one to cook about twice a week. All these are great things. These things put me in a great mood. And then I think of more fun things I can do with my time...and hopefully the cycle continues.

This post doesn't have a point. I'm just recognizing this amazing period of my life and squeezing as much joy out of it as I possibly can.