Friday, March 23, 2012

How to Gather Your Tribe

These lovely ladies make up my tribe
Top to Bottom then Left to Right: SkyeChelsea, MorganKelseyNatAubrey, Cassie,  Kate 
Not exclusively mind you. I’ve also got my mentor, Gussy…

And then there are all those lovely people in my life who are not directly involved in blogging and handmade businesses like me. So if those chicks in photo 1 are my tribe then the rest make up my social circles (ahem, I’m using the word circle as in your “circle of friends” or like you might say someone “moves in many [social] circles”). You know family and friends…

[Shane + I] [Mom + Dad] [Friends/Camping] [Friends/Beach]

If you’re feeling a bit lonely, go out and gather your tribe. Here is what I did…

1. Blog hop. Spend a week reading blogs and hopping around to check out others. Have a goal that by Sunday  night you’ve identified 10 (ish) people that you would like to have in your tribe.

2. Connect. Leave thoughtful (non-spammy) comments when you blog hop. And if it’s your thing join the conversation on Twitter & Facebook.

3. Send an email! The worst thing that can happen is that people will say “no.” Which is not “no, I don’t like you” it’s more likely, “no thank you, I don’t have time right now,” “no thank you, that’s not really how I like to connect,” or “no thank you, I’m intimidated and not ready for this yet.”

4. Be willing to do the heavy lifting at first. Organizing a group is a lot of work. Put together a meeting agenda, use to pick a date, send reminders, and TALK TALK TALK during the first meeting to make everyone comfortable. Oh and if all that sounds totally overwhelming enlist a partner. I did and Skye is awesome.

Ok so no excuses, go find your tribe.


  1. I love being part of a tribe! It is so encouraging and uplifting - definitely worth all the work that has gone into it!

    1. Good thing too because you've done a lot(and done it well)!

  2. Being apart of the tribe is so amazing!! You ladies are all so wonderful & inspiring!! I can't wait until we meet up again!

  3. Love this :) And that doodle site is brilliant! I'm putting off organizing our 5 year class reunion and I'm definitely going to be using that site to help narrow down a date :P - you're so resourceful!

    1. I found it while I was working for a non-profit and I had to schedule board meetings!


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