Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Days: Tackling a Nagging Task

This month I'm deviating a bit from my normal blog schedule. I'll be linking up with Nester from The Nesting Place for 31 Days starting tomorrow, October 1st.

The goal of the 31 Days series is to spend a month writing on the same topic every day. That means you'll be seeing a lot of short daily posts from me - sometimes without photos.

So what will I be talking about?

I'll spend 31 Days "Tackling a Nagging Task." It's one of the keys to happiness I picked up from Gretchen Ruben's book, The Happiness Project, last year. Since I can get pretty anxious when things linger on my to do list I know that tackling one item on my list each day that I've been putting off saves me a lot of stress makes me feel happier in general.

So every day I'll share a task I've tacked. Some tasks might be big and time consuming while other tasks will be small. I'll try to keep a balance so that I'm not overwhelmed by day 3...or 7...or 28.

Wouldn't it be ironic if my "Tackle a Nagging Task" post became the nagging task on my to do list?

If you'd like to see what other topics bloggers are taking on for 31 days you can find the link up on Nester's blog.

I hope you enjoy this experiment with me!

Day 1: List Yarn on Ebay
Day 2: Donate to Goodwill
Day 3: Say No to a Volunteer Project
Day 4: Register to Vote
Day 5: Get a Vacuum
Day 6: Finish Hoot Hats
Day 7: Organize Filing Cabinet
Day 8: Find GRE Scores


  1. This is a neat idea. Gretchen was featured on Anthropologie's blog, The Magazine, and she was indeed inspiring. Good luck with you 31 days!

    1. Thank you! So far so good. I'm enjoying the challenge.

  2. Excited to read more about this. I just got done with two nagging tasks that have been haunting me since May! And all they involved was printing and mailing a few forms. Sheesh!

    1. My nagging task today involves printing and mailing forms! Stay tuned!


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